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Anti-predatory-gambling activist bloggers have become the pamphleteers and revolutionaries of a modern era, sounding the alarm and battling misinformation and influence fueled by the gambling industry, its highly paid lobbyists, and those who just want to believe.

The bloggers presented here are from all over the State, represent views across the political spectrum - and all are equally opposed to slots in Massachusetts.

Blog Sampler:

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Middleboro's Nosey Neighbor
  Truth to Power
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Zoned Out
  Six Degrees of Suffolk Downs

School Daze


My Day on the Hill

Gladys Goes to the Statehouse

Founding Father Knows Best

  Teachers Unions and Casinos Make Poor Bedfellows

The Numbers Don't Work

Mass. Audubon Society Rejects Mega Casino

The Crappification Plan

Citizen Committee