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USS Mass - United to Stop Slots in Massachusetts

is the up-growth of concerned citizens, taxpayers, activists and statewide organizations across the political spectrum opposed to predatory gambling in the Commonwealth. We are a non-partisan organization that has been working diligently to organize and educate citizens and Legislators on the facts about the economic and social costs of legalizing predatory gambling in the Commonwealth. No state that has legalized predatory slot machines has solved their fiscal problems. Many states with legalized predatory gambling have far greater fiscal problems than Massachusetts.

The predatory gambling industry has spent millions of dollars on lobbyists to bring their product to Massachusetts. Political leadership has long resisted the "slippery slope" of predatory gambling until recent years in the Commonwealth. Attorneys General have opposed predatory slots both as a matter of criminal impact and consumer protection. The influence of "big money" on the debate is irrefutable.

Revenues from taxes and licenses, job creation and economic development have been wildly inflated by the industry and legislation as documented by the Spectrum Gaming report commissioned by Governor Patrick. Corruption, bankruptcy, mismanagement and total ignorance of the costs of full mitigation of the impacts of predatory slots and casinos abound in the industry. Regional negative fiscal, social and municipal impacts to host regions have been documented in the recently released report by the state of Connecticut.

Casino capitalism promulgates gambling addiction for profit; essentially exploiting the weaknesses of a minority for the profit of the powerful. The business model of the predatory gambling industry is parallel to the tobacco industry and predatory lending practices which oppose the fundamental principles of the founders of the Commonwealth and our nation.

We welcome you to visit our website and educate yourself on the proposals to legalize predatory slots and expanded gambling. Legalizing predatory gambling is a permanent regressive solution to a temporary fiscal problem.

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