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"We would all benefit from an independent review of slots and casinos...that's what we elected Legislators to do"

-- Scott Harshbarger, former Attorney General
Waltham Forum on Expanding Gambling
September 10, 2009

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November 22, 2011
Governor signs bill to expand gambling in Massachusetts

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Governor Patrick has recently signed into law a bill that will expand gambling in Massachusetts to the Class III level (Casinos and Slot Machines).

The frustration inherent in the Governor's decision is offset, in part, by the knowledge that we are engaged in a just cause against a multi-billion dollar industry. The long term economic, social and political consequences of more, mostly low income, people losing more and more money will motivate most of us to continue to stay involved in this just cause.

During this struggle, we have created an enduring network of friendships and political relationships. Our coalition includes members of the League of Women Voters, the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, the Massachusetts Association of Nurses, the Council of Churches, the Catholic Church, the Family Institute, the Ma. Chapter of Stop Predatory Gambling, the Green-Rainbow Coalition, the Ethical Society of Boston, the Police Chiefs Association and several other organizations. Our coalition also includes the many State Senators and State Representatives who courageously voted against the Speaker of the House and President of the Senate on this issue. Many reporters, columnists and news editors were very fair and often supportive. Thank you all.

I am especially grateful to those independent minded individuals who found us, wrote to us, called us, donated money to us, responded to our requests to contact their State Legislators and the Governor, wrote Letters to the Editors and otherwise supported USS-MASS. Thank you everyone.

Our educational and political activities will continue. I intend to convene a conference soon, of supporters, to plan for the future of USS-MASS. Before a casino can be located near you, it must be approved by local voters. All over the country coalitions opposed to the expansion of gambling remain politically active over the long term. Visit our website, continue to respond to our Newsletter and let us know how we can support your local efforts.

Gambling is about winning or losing. USS-MASS is about doing the right thing, win or lose. Thank you and stay tuned.

Tom Larkin
President, United to Stop Slots in Massachusetts

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